2017 Panini Impeccable Football Hobby Box Personal Break

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Your own personal hobby box break which will be done live! (Product can also be shipped unopened)

All personal breaks include all hits being put in top loaders and properly protected.


Configuration: 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack.

- Pull Five Autographs, including at least one Rookie Patch Autograph, per box, on average!
- Look for unique Elegance Rookie Patch Autographs featuring Nameplates, Gloves and NFL Shields!
- Pick up stunning patch autographs from the NFL's best veterans and legends!
- Find one Silver or Gold piece insert per case, on average!
- Chase Dual, Trio and Quad Autographs, as well as rare Cut Signatures!

- 5 Autographs, including at least one Rookie Patch Autograph